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Warm congratulations to JiangSu GuoXin Steel Co., Ltd. website successfully launched!

JiangSu GuoXin Steel Co., Ltd.2022-03-16

Warm congratulations to JiangSu GuoXin Steel Co., Ltd. website successfully launched!  welcome new and old friends to visit and browse the website.

Jiangsu Guoxin Steel Industry Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the production and wholesale of copper, brass, bronze, cupronickel and casting processing technology. It has advanced production equipment and testing instruments. The main product standards are GB/T, ASTM, JIS. The company prepares 100 tons of copper material all year round, material T2, brass H59-H90 naval brass, Qsn4-3, C54400, Qsn5-5-5, QSn10-1, HMn58-2, QSn6.5-0.1, C93200, QSi3- 3.5-1.5, QSi3-1, QAL9-4, QAL10-4-4, lead bronze zcupb30, c17500, C62300, C61400, C95400, QSn663, QSn10-1, QSn7-0.2, c18150, C18200 zinc cupronickel strip BZn18-10 (C7350), BZn18-18 (C7521), BZn18-26 (C7701) Please negotiate the specific size! Supply copper alloy varieties: red copper, brass, phosphor bronze, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, silicon manganese bronze, chromium zirconium copper, zinc cupronickel, iron cupronickel, beryllium copper, etc.

We produce various grades of standard copper plates, copper rods, copper rods, copper strips, copper tubes, collars, continuous casting and forging, which can be customized according to the hardness of the components provided by users. The production scale is 18000-25000 tons/year. Products are widely used in automobiles, ships, machinery, electric power, electronic appliances, IT industry, heat exchange, chemical industry, hardware, building decoration and other industries.

The company has high-precision professional production equipment imported from abroad and a group of management technicians and skilled operators. The company has imported various testing equipment such as plasma emission spectrometer, material testing machine, atomic absorption spectrophotometer from the United States. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality certification system. Products are produced in accordance with international quality standards and are recognized by domestic and foreign merchants.

Welcome to visit our factory. Your presence will be our supreme honor. Thank you.

Our contact details are as follows:

Mobile: +86-13734484888

Email: jiang@cngxcu.com


Address: Wuxi lron and Steel Distribution Center

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