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Copper bar manufacturer-copper bar surface technology introduction

JiangSu GuoXin Steel Co., Ltd.2022-03-16

As an experienced copper bar manufacturer, Jiangsu Guoxin copper industry produces copper bar products with reliable quality and superior performance, which are widely praised by users! Copper bar of the products delivered from China copper and copper industry have been tinned to ensure stable performance of copper bar and can be used normally in a certain harsh environment. In fact, copper bar manufacturers, including tin plating, mainly adopt the following techniques:

1. Painting

Copper bar domestic manufacturers seldom use this technology in the processing of copper bar, which is a backward technology. The painted copper bar products have great limitations in their actual use, although they can ensure copper bar isolation from elements in the outside atmosphere and prevent moisture from patina. However, this performance cannot be guaranteed for a long time, and there are still many shortcomings.

2. Tin plating

Tin plating is a processing technology commonly used by copper bar manufacturers at present. Copper bar products after tin plating have good anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation functions, and the tin plating layer formed on the surface can increase the contact area, the surface resistivity is low, so that copper bar products after tin plating have good conductivity and can realize large load current transmission. However, the disadvantages are also very obvious. As the use time of copper bar tin-plated products increases, the tin-plated layer on the surface of copper bar will become black, and it will cause certain pollution to the environment.

3. Coating protective agent...

Few copper bar manufacturers in China use the coating protective agent process, because the process is relatively complicated and the operation cycle is long, which requires polishing pretreatment, washing, drying moisture and other processes, these processes consume a lot of human and material resources, especially the polishing process, which is relatively low in both manual and mechanical efficiency and causes certain pollution of the working environment, as a result, there is a large amount of dust in the environment, which has a certain impact on the health of operators. However, this process has low cost and can maintain copper bar primary colors.

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