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A brief introduction to copper bar

JiangSu GuoXin Steel Co., Ltd.2022-03-16

Copper bar, copper bar tinned, ground copper row copper bar, copper bar manufacturer, tinned copper bar, also known as Copper main drainage or copper junction, made of copper, with rectangular or chamfered (rounded corners) rectangular conductor (now usually used for fillet copper bar to avoid tip discharge). It plays the role of transmitting current and connecting electrical equipment in the circuit. Copper bar is widely used in electrical equipment, especially in complete sets of power distribution equipment; Copper bar is generally used in U, V, W, PE rows of power distribution cabinets; Copper bar is generally marked with colored letters or painted with colored paint, U-phase copper bar Toon painted yellow, V-phase copper bar painted green, W-phase copper bar painted green. Red, PE bus copper bar coated, yellow and green color.

Definition of copper bar

Due to the good conductivity of copper bar, it is generally applicable to high, low voltage electric apparatus, switch contacts, power distribution equipment, bus duct and other electrical engineering, and is also widely used in metal smelting, electroplating, chemical caustic soda and other ultra-large current electrolytic Smelting Engineering. Electrical copper bar has the advantages of low resistivity and large curve.

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