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The role of ground copper row

JiangSu GuoXin Steel Co., Ltd.2022-03-16

Once the power supply line or equipment is seriously overloaded or faulty, the faulty circuit has a great threat to the equipment on the line, which will damage the electrical equipment and damage the normal operation of the power system, therefore, taking measures to protect the equipment on the line and the power line is a prerequisite to ensure the safety of the equipment and equipment. Ground copper row when current or fault occurs, the leakage electricity in the circuit is guided underground to protect the electrical equipment.

Ground copper row can also play the role of connection, providing connection conductors, connecting the grounding terminals of electrical system equipment together, serving as the grounding connection of electrical equipment, and establishing a pressure sharing system. That is to say, the voltage of this isoelectric system tends to zero.

Ground copper row the product is small in size, light in weight and easy to install. Metal copper is used as its raw material to ensure good conductivity of ground copper row, which can truly realize large load current transmission. Ground copper row the surface is processed by special technology to form a layer of functional coating, which makes ground copper row products have the functions of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, effectively extending the service life of ground copper row and expanding the application range of ground copper row, it can be used normally in industrial atmosphere or humid atmosphere.

The above content is provided by Jiangsu Guoxin special steel from ground copper row manufacturers, hoping to help you understand ground copper row products more comprehensively.

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